Monday, November 9, 2015
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



As Mississauga’s population continues to grow, moving around the City continues to evolve. On November 9th, 2015, the City held its first Transportation Summit – Mississauga Moves 2015. Registered participants joined local and international experts as well as exhibitors for interactive workshops and presentations. Topics of the day included managing Mississauga’s future growth and congestion, evolving the City’s transit network, thinking about the impacts of driverless cars and making Mississauga’s streets more “complete”. The Summit was a kick-off to the development of the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which will commence in 2016.

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8:30 AM - LAC Atrium
Arrival and Breakfast
9:00 AM - RBC Theatre
Welcome and Opening Remarks 
Mayor Bonnie Crombie (City of Mississauga)
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9:10 AM - RBC Theatre
Managing Growth and Congestion
Mississauga’s Story

Nick Poulos, P. Eng., MCIP RPP (Poulos & Chung Engineering)
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Mississauga's transportation story has traditionally been one about cars: cul-de-sacs with single-family homes connected by the best arterial roads. Anyone who has visited the City lately knows that this is no longer an accurate characterization with our 752,000 people, a bustling downtown, diverse neighbourhoods, the head offices of 60 Fortune 500 companies and an extensive highway and transit network. In this opening presentation, Nick Poulos kicks off the day by providing an overview of how the City has grown, where the City is today and some perspectives on what Mississauga will need to do going forward to manage growth and congestion.

9:45 AM - RBC Theatre

Complete Streets Panel   
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Dr. Eileen de Villa (Region of Peel)
Anne McIlroy (Brook McIlroy/BMI-Pace)
Graham McNally (Toms + McNally Design)
Raktim Mitra (Ryerson University)
Nancy Smith Lea (Toronto Centre for Active Transportation)

What are Complete Streets?  And why are they important?  At this panel discussion, learn from the leading experts about challenges and opportunities for delivering “Complete Streets” in Mississauga. 

11:00 AM - LAC Atrium
11:15 AM - Staging Room

Transit Network Design Game
Michelle Porouyow (Jarrett Walker & Associates)

At this interactive workshop, learn more about the inner workings of transit, and especially of transit networks. The workshop will focus on small groups playing an interactive game before they break for lunch. The post-lunch session will be a discussion about the networks created during the game, and what basic principles and trade-offs they illustrate. This workshop can help anyone think about, express and advocate for their own transit values more clearly and effectively.

12:15 PM - LAC Atrium
12:45 PM Staging Room

Transit Network Design Debrief
Michelle Porouyow (Jarrett Walker & Associates)

11:15 AM - On Bus

Tour of the Mississauga Transitway
Mississauga Staff

On November 17, 2014, MiWay service began on the Mississauga Transitway with stops at the new Central Parkway, Cawthra, Tomken and Dixie stations.  When the entire 18 kilometre transitway is complete in 2017 there will be 12 stations, making it faster and easier for customers to travel across the city and bypass traffic congestion for a more reliable commute.  This guided tour of the Mississauga Transitway will showcase how it will transform the way people commute within the city.

12:45 PM - LAC Atrium
1:45 PM - RBC Theatre

Getting Ready for Technology – Autonomous Vehicles and more
Bern Grush (Grush Niles Associates)
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Driverless cars (a.k.a. autonomous vehicles or AVs) have gotten a lot of press recently with some experts predicting they may hit the streets in as little as 5 years.  What should we do to start planning for AVs?  Will there be more or less congestion?  What are the implications for our infrastructure?  Will people continue to own cars or will they just “dial-up” a car on demand.  Bern Grush, author of End of Driving ( will explore these questions and more.

3:00 PM - LAC Atrium


3:15 PM - RBC Theatre
KEYNOTE: Sam Schwartz, P.E. (Sam Schwartz Engineering) Street Smart – The Rise of Cities and the Fall of Cars
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With wit and sharp insight, New York City’s former Traffic Commissioner Sam Schwartz (a.k.a. “Gridlock Sam”) and author of “Street Smart – The Rise of Cities and the Fall of Cars” will explore the transportation revolution that is quietly underway.  Since 2004, Americans have been driving fewer miles each year – the first decade to see this phenomenon since 1945.  Commuters are using public transit more than ever, downtowns are thriving, traffic and housing patterns are changing and streets are being recaptured by pedestrians and cyclists.  This keynote will explore how these trends might remake our urban and suburban landscape for the better.

3:45 PM - RBC Theatre

Facilitated Discussion
John Miller, ICA Associates Inc.
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3:55 PM - RBC Theatre

Closing Remarks
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The Summit featured an outstanding lineup of renowned local and international experts that got delegates thinking about how Mississauga moves.

Keynote Speaker

Samuel Schwartz, P.E.

President Chief Executive Officer + Founder, Sam Schwartz Engineering and author of Street Smart: The Rise of Cities and the Fall of Cars

Sam Schwartz, a.k.a. "Gridlock Sam", is one of the leading transportation experts in the United States today. He began his professional transportation career as a NYC taxi cab driver while obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree at Brooklyn College. He later received a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He served as New York City's Traffic Commissioner and the New York City Department of Transportation's Chief Engineer/First Deputy Commissioner for over two decades. In 1995, he opened Sam Schwartz Engineering firm that specializes in transportation planning and engineering. He also writes columns on traffic for The New York Daily News, the NY Downtown Express and blogs for Engineering News Record.

Mr. Schwartz specializes in creative problem-solving for seemingly intractable situations. He is expert at getting people out of their cars and into other forms of transportation. He is also proficient at moving those people who remain in their cars more swiftly and safely. Mr. Schwartz has created many win-win situations whereby traffic moves better, pedestrians are safer and the community gains more sidewalk and green space. He's been called an Urban Alchemist for making grass grow from asphalt. Mr. Schwartz, often referred to by his nom de plume "Gridlock Sam," released the word "Gridlock" into the lexicon during the 1980 NYC Transit strike